About Us


Falcon Carers Limited is a privately-owned Domiciliary Care Provider based in Stafford, born out of personal experience and commitment to providing high quality care and support services. Our personalised care and support service gives individuals the choice to remain independent in their own homes, without compromising on the quality of their care and support.

Aims & Objectives

Falcon Carers Limited commits to:

  1. Working with each client, social workers, relatives, carers (as appropriate) and all others associated with his/her care towards identifying, implementing and reviewing a personal care plan which adequately reflects his/her needs at any one time;
  2. Promoting independent living, working within the client’s range of abilities and competencies;
  3. Delivering care, in the client’s home in a manner which is non-discriminatory, sensitive to the cultural needs of the client and respectful of their environment and traditions;
  4. Providing a high-quality flexible, responsive and non – intrusive service that is tailored to the needs of the individual;
  5. Ensuring that confidential information is protected at all times and only shared with others strictly in accordance with its policy on confidentiality;
  6. Working in partnership with other agencies involved in care in order to ensure a seamless and cost-effective service.

Ethos & Philosophy

Falcon Carers Limited believes that the following statements best describe the values within which we seek to operate on a daily basis.

We believe that each client in our care has the fundamental right to:

  • be regarded as an individual and given our special attention;
  • be cared for by people who are capable of understanding their needs and competent to meet those needs;
  • be treated equally, and no less favourably than others;
  • receive respect and understanding regarding their cultural, religious and spiritual beliefs;
  • receive prompt attention in relation to all of their healthcare needs;
  • be safe, feel loved and always know that “someone cares”;
  • be informed about all important decisions that affect them, and to have a say;
  • be afforded privacy for themselves and their belongings;
  • have the opportunity to think independently, and make their own choices;
  • complain about anything they feel is unfair or unjust, and to have that complaint listened and responded to.

Services Provided

Falcon Carers Limited Employs Support Workers and provides a comprehensive range of domiciliary care services directly to the client.

Care may be provided in the following areas:

  • Practical help, and domestic tasks;
  • Personal care;
  • Community participation and inclusion
  • medication

Basic care and support expected from Falcon Carers Limited:


People For Whom Care Is Provided

Care will be provided to those individuals, in need, who approach the agency directly, or are referred to us.

Care will be provided on the clear understanding that:

  1. The needs of each individual have been carefully assessed;
  2. Those needs fall into the general classifications of care for which the agency has been registered; and
  • The workforce of the agency has the competence and experience to handle those individual cases calling for specialist help and support (either immediately, or following specific training).

Our client base covers:

  1. Adults (Elderly)
  2. People with learning disabilities;

Falcon Carers runs a diverse range of services and significant amount of those are ones that work with Black and Minority Ethnic Communities. We are keen to develop positive partnership and relationships within these communities.

We pride in providing our carers transport to travel from client to client. This enables us to reach our customers efficiently and effectively.

The Range of Qualifications of the Domiciliary Care Workers Supplied by Falcon Carers Limited

Through its robust recruitment and selection policy the agency undertakes to employ only those persons it believes have the requisite skills, education, training, prior work experience and attitude which will compliment and enhance the quality of care we deliver.  All staff are provided with an induction training programme and further ongoing training, appraisal, supervision and support as needed. All job applicants are required to apply for either a standard or an enhanced disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service in order that the agency may be satisfied that they are appropriate persons to look after clients and/or shall be registered with the Independent Safeguarding Authority.

All of the Falcon Carers Limited workers either have a National Vocational Qualification in Care or LDQ (Learning Disability Qualification) at either level 2, or level 3 or are committed to studying for this qualification. Support workers are assigned to clients on the understanding that they have the requisite qualifications, skills, experience and aptitude to look after them properly.

Registered Manager

Sikholisile Moyo

Business Address
Falcon Carers Limited
Unit 9
Hollins Business Centre
ST16 2RH

Qualifications and Experience
Sikholisile Moyo is a Registered Nurse Learning Disability. She also has Social Care Certificate and a Holder of NVQ Levels 2 and 3 in Social and Healthcare

Percentage of Time Spent in This Location by the Manager

100 Percent

The Legal Status of the Registered Provider

The legal status of the registered provider is Organisation

Regulated Activity

Personal Care

Service Types Provided at this Location

Domiciliary Care Services

Locations at Which Services are Provided

Falcon Carers Limited
Unit 9
Hollins Business Centre
ST16 2RH

Description of the Location

This is where management of all regulated activities will be managed. Information on all the services users and staff will be kept safe in this location. Service users will be supported in their own homes with appropriate access, adaptations, equipment, facilities depending on the needs of individuals. They will be supported by our adequately trained staff.